10 Biggest Cases Brought Against The Mafia

From Federal Bureau of Investigation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger

James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger was an Irish mobster and the leader of an influential gang in Boston from the 1970s through to the 1990s.

His durability in organizing crimes and his reputation were receiving at that time substantial help from the FBI. He won his notorious name after being involved in many crimes and for his readiness to use violence and murder anyone who stood in his way.

His attraction for street crime and gangs was deeply rooted in his childhood, so by the time he became known he’d been convicted and imprisoned a few times.

After spending his time in federal prison for hijacking, he returned to Boston and back the streets to continue his career as a gangster. In 1972, Bulger was affiliated with the Muller gang, which were considered some of the top dogs in Boston in that period.

He is believed to be involved in more than 3 assassinations of his colleagues. His aggressive approach to doing business had made him a terrifying figure in the eyes of many that were active in the mafia scene in Boston. What many didn’t know is that, for the majority of his ‘career’ in organized crime, he was actually an FBI informant, a guaranteed death sentence.

His FBI connection was John Connolly, who grew up in Boston and went to the same school as James Bulger. Because of his willingness to inform the FBI, Bulger escaped many convictions with the help of Connolly, who in a very twisted way protected his greatest asset.

In 1994 the Police Department initiated an investigation into Bulger and proceeded to pursue him with gusto, but the most important detail was that it was all kept secret from the FBI. Connolly eventually found out and helped his informant for the last time.

Bulger ran away and never came back. He was a fugitive for 16 years until he got caught in 2011 in California. He had 48 charges and was convicted to life prison, plus 5 years. He would never serve that full sentence as he was murdered by inmates on October 30, 2018, within hours of being transferred to Hazelton, West Virginia.

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