10 Biggest Cases Brought Against The Mafia

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Sam Giancana

Our last story is about a mob legend who was about to get convicted but escaped graciously (?!). His name is Sam Giancana and he was the leader of The Outfit gang in Chicago, back in the 50s.

Born to a Sicilian immigrant family, he inherited all the attributes of a proper mafia guy, as he was never afraid to use violence and intimidation to get things the way he wanted. In 1926 he got arrested and charged with murder, but before his conviction, his key witness died conveniently and the charges were dropped.

He served jail time for several offenses, and it is said that he got arrested more than 70 times for various wrongdoings. Being acquainted with Joseph Kennedy, the father of the famous Kennedy dynasty, he was being asked to help John F Kennedy to run for presidency.

It is said that Giancana helped John F Kennedy to win the election when he needed the most, in the Illinois state, by rounding up the votes. Unfortunately, one of the first steps Kennedy made on his presidential mandate was to assign his brother Robert Kennedy as the attorney general.

Why is this unfortunate? The second RFK took his position he immediately started, going after Giancana. Of course, Robert Kennedy never went on with his investigations, as his brother was assassinated in 1963 in Dallas.

Many believe the mobster Giancana had something to do with it along with Mafia leaders Santo Trafficante Jr. and Carlos Marcello, but this lead was never pursued and it remains at the stage of just another conspiracy theory, to add to the pile of theories surrounding the death of JFK.

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