5 States to Implement New Gun Laws in 2022

gun law
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3.Delaware- Senate Bill 172

Delaware SB172 removes the state’s licensing requirement for carrying a concealed gun by law-abiding citizens over 21 years of age. At the beginning of 2021 in America, there were no more than 18 states where no permits were required to carry a gun. Twenty-five other states were considered “shall issue” permit states, and nine were considered “may issue” permit states.

This Act brings Delaware law concerning the carrying of concealed deadly weapons into conformity with Section 20 of Article I of the Delaware Constitution by allowing a person who is 21 or older and not a prohibited person under either Delaware law or other laws of the US to carry a deadly weapon concealed on or about their person for the simple purpose of defending the family, their house, or themselves.

This bill makes technical adjustments to conform existing law to the standards of the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual and conforming amendments to other provisions of the Delaware Code. Essentially, the requirement to obtain a license to carry a deadly weapon will be eliminated.

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