The 10 Weirdest Laws in the United States

You might be surprised to find out swearing in public or honking your horn near a local deli may result in fines or arrests in some US states. But they can! Check out the weirdest laws in the United States!

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In Alabama, stink bombs are outlawed.

Anyone who grew up in the 90s or earlier is probably aware of the childhood pastime of throwing stink bombs at friends or unsuspecting passerby as a prank. However, in Alabama, it’s against the law to sell or use stink balls – or anything like it that intentionally creates a bad odor.

According to Code 1965, § 41-60, it’s unlawful to “sell, dispose of, give away or use within the city or its police jurisdiction articles known as stink balls or funk balls or anything of like nature, by whatever name known or called, the purpose of which is to create disagreeable odors to the great discomfort of persons coming in contact therewith.”

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4 thoughts on “The 10 Weirdest Laws in the United States”

  1. Some of these laws apply to a lot of states. The one you missed is that its illegal to carry wire cutters in Texas. REASON: so that you can not cut any wire fences to free cattle or trespass.

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