11 Common Scams Targeting the Elderly

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No matter how old you are, you can be targeted by scammers. However, it seems that seniors are often their victims. In 2020 alone, approximately 75 percent of Americans were targeted by scammers. The percentage is really concerning since we are talking about more than 211.066 million.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the fraud losses reported by older Americans through the third quarter of last year resulted in $388 million. Maybe you were also one of those seniors who fell victim to fraud, so how were you swindled?

Last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, scammers saw another opportunity (that’s what they do every minute of their lives, after all) to deceive many people.

And although COVID-19 scams are pretty trendy right now, it doesn’t mean that we should forget about the others. So, to avoid falling victim to fraud, we’ve compiled a list of common scams you should always bear in mind. Click on the ‘NEXT’ button to find them!

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2 thoughts on “11 Common Scams Targeting the Elderly”

  1. Another scam is a call telling you your computer has a virus and they can get rid of it for you when indeed they are putting the virus in and charging you big bucks to get rid of it, then later calling you telling you they can’t fix it and is going to return your money. Instead they wind up taking more money.

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