7 Likely Reasons Why Your 3rd Stimulus Payment Could Be Late

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“When will I get my stimulus check” is something most Americans wonder about these days as the IRS started delivering the third-round payments. Some were luckier than others… But if you’re one of those who are still waiting for that third stimulus check to come, maybe you’ll have to wait a little bit longer, or you’re waiting in vain.

Millions of people have already received their much-needed third payments, so you might feel a little bit overwhelmed and even concerned if you or your family members’ pockets are still empty. A long delay could be just around the corner or, even worse, that third stimulus check may never arrive.

If the uncertainty drives you crazy, check the IRS website and use the “Get My Payment” tool. There you could track the status of your stimulus payment. However, it won’t make your check arrive faster. The best thing you (and your family) could do is wait and understand why your stimulus check is delayed.

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