Are These 11 Things Actually Illegal? And If They Are, Why!?

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California: Riding A Bike In A Pool

When it comes to transportation, we have to admit that we could probably do a better job here in the U.S. We’ve seen how congested traffic can get at peak hours, and people who are in charge of transportation are constantly looking for ways to make traffic flow a lot easier.

But sometimes, it may be because of those reasons that we end up with laws that make absolutely zero sense, like a law in California that prohibits you from riding a bike in a pool.

Why? Who came up with this? Why was this such a huge issue that we had to make a law for it? Never mind the fact that you can’t ride a bike in a pool, but why would you do that anyway at the risk of A. sinking your bike and B. rusting your gears?!

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