Are These 11 Things Actually Illegal? And If They Are, Why!?

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Alabama: An Ice Cream Cone In Your Back Pocket

Would you put an ice cream cone in your back pocket? Definitely not, I’d say. But believe it or not, people actually used to do this… so much so that a law had to be written in. But this isn’t the government’s way to save you from messy pants, nor does it have anything to do with spilling ice cream on the side of the road in the most inconvenient way possible.

Actually, it has to do with the fact that back when people rode on horses, thieves would simply slip ice cream cones in their back pockets in order to lure horses away. That way, they could feign innocence and they wouldn’t be accused of stealing.

So, while this may sound silly on the surface, there’s a pretty good reason why it came to be. However, nowadays, this law is redundant… We hope!

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