The Most Expensive Cities in America

Those who are interested in relocating for new jobs, different environment and climate, family or people who need a vacation, should definitely pin this list. Not all of us are rich, so if you’re planning to move to an inexpensive city, you should avoid the ones that are highlighted in our list.

Most Americans are eager to move to these cities due to their employment opportunities and different entertainment forms, but all of that come at a price… Read on to discover the priciest cities in our country.

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1.  New York City, New York

When we are talking about the most expensive cities in the United States, New York City deserves a crown. For example, if you want to move to Manhattan, you should definitely note that it is 154 percent higher than the national average. Also, the median cost of homes in the five boroughs of New York is about $652,700, compared with a national median of $245,000.

In fact, the prices of homes in Manhattan can easily reach and exceed $1 million. So, if you are wealthy enough to pay more for literally everything (from home to groceries and public transportation), New York City is the answer.

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