Here’s Why Your Stimulus Check Could Be Delayed

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Situation no. 1: You changed your bank account

The first round of COVID-19 stimulus checks also came with unwanted surprises. While millions of Americans received the money via deposit, directly into their bank accounts, some weren’t that lucky. Uncle Sam thought it’s best to deposit them into the account listed on federal tax returns.

For many Americans, this was a problem since they had those bank accounts closed. The IRS doesn’t know when you’re closing your bank account; therefore, it’s unaware of your new bank account.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll most likely have to wait a little longer for that stimulus check. As the IRS stated, Americans who don’t have direct deposit information on their file will receive their money in the form of a check or debit card in the mail.

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13 thoughts on “Here’s Why Your Stimulus Check Could Be Delayed”

    1. Marguerite Enrico

      I did not have to file income tax for several years. I did receive my last stimulus check, directly deposited in my checking account, where my SS check goes into. Nothing has changed. Why did I not receive it. I am an elderly, ill, homebound lady,widow, battling cancer & I cannot get out to file income tax. What can I do

  1. How can we get the stimulus money for the children that we have under the age of 17? I never got it with the first round or this last round. How do I go about getting it?

    1. There are no checks, I was wondering the same! Just got my stimulus payment in a debit card.. I think it takes more time to manufacture debit cards but just follow the activate prompts and pick a 4 letter pass code and then your done…Oh and if you want to get cash out from your bank ready tell they charge you $3.75 so you can only go to their designated no fee ready teller machines to get no charge.. In Honolulu i have to go to target to extract cash.. Any little trick to get more money out of us…Hope this helps…?

  2. On Social Security and got first stimulus direct deposit. Don’t understand why not second one. They know were on Social Security with low income that we do not have to file. All previous information said we should not worry because they had our direct deposit information from SS. Now when I check status I get NOT AVAILABLE So now I guess I have to make out tax return to claim the stimulus.

    1. Valerie l Hodge

      i got the first stimulus direct deposit, but have not received the second one either. maybe if i file for 2019 that might help…i hope so….i need this money !!

  3. According to the IRA website my check was mailed on 1/6/2021 – today is 1/13/2021 and I still have not received it. It should have been a direct deposit as was the 1st stimulus amount. My husband has not been issued a check at all he should have as he received the first stimulus check. his name is Lawrence A Huber

  4. Latisha Crutchfield

    I haven’t received nothing I filed 2019 taxes still never received that I haven’t received no stimulus money one or two enough is enough I’m so annoyed and frustrated about this whole thing but if I didn’t file they be penalizing me I’m so over this

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