11 Things Police Officers Don’t Want You to Know

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2. Can a police officer enter my property without a warrant? 

Well, if you give them your consent, they can. But if you don’t, without a warrant, they can’t. Regardless of what we tend to see on TV, police officers can’t smash someone’s door to enter their residence unless, of course, they have a warrant or they actually have your consent to enter.

However, there are some exceptions. According to Scharff Law Firm, police officers are entitled to enter someone’s home without their consent if they can actually “see evidence within their sightline” that something’s wrong. It’s best just to give them your consent…

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2 thoughts on “11 Things Police Officers Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. This was very well done. Even with the ‘millions’ of pop-up ad, the info was speedy without long delays. This is how all the gigs should be! Good job. BTW, I did have time to check out some of the products.

  2. You specified the law in two states regarding a police officer’s right to demand identification. Is there a website where I can learn about the laws in the 48 remaining states regarding this issue?

    Thank you,

    Mary Sausalito

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