11 Things Police Officers Don’t Want You to Know

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7. Am I entitled to film/photograph a law enforcement officer? 

Yes, you are, but you have to be in an outdoor space. And, in case you are on a friend’s private property, you need her/his permission to film or photograph. Most times, police officers ask the person who’s filming them to stop, but they don’t have the right to “force” you not to.

8. Can police officers ask me to delete the photos/videos? 

They can… but it’s your call. Only a warrant can ask you specifically to delete certain photos/videos. Although the warrant will most likely mention the permission of a police officer to see your photographs/videos, not the permission for him/her to delete them from your phone.

Next, we need to identify the truth about this one…..

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2 thoughts on “11 Things Police Officers Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. This was very well done. Even with the ‘millions’ of pop-up ad, the info was speedy without long delays. This is how all the gigs should be! Good job. BTW, I did have time to check out some of the products.

  2. You specified the law in two states regarding a police officer’s right to demand identification. Is there a website where I can learn about the laws in the 48 remaining states regarding this issue?

    Thank you,

    Mary Sausalito

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