5 Black Friday Scams You Should Pay Attention To

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November is our favorite month for multiple reasons: the chill season, Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. Black Friday is a great time of the year that offers so many sales and discount on our favorite products.

However, Black Friday is also a pretext for scammers to trick innocent people and take the money they were eager to spend for shopping

Here is what you should watch out for this time of the year:

1. Phishing emails 

Phishing emails are a very common method of scamming people in general, not just around Black Friday, but around this time they have a better success rate since everyone is expecting sales advertising and promotion emails, texts and so on.

They can create an email address similar if not the same with a big retail company and they will promise sales and discounts to their products.

They will also insert a link that will redirect you to a page that is allegedly the retailer’s website, however that’s the exact opposite.

There they will ask for your personal information and details such as credit card information and from that they will fraudulently steal your data.

How can I tell it’s a scam?

Usually, their punctuation, grammar and language are full of typos and errors. If it’s badly formulated and it seems very unprofessional then it can be a fake.

In addition, if the retailer’s address seems unusual or it contains random letters or numbers, anything that’s out of the ordinary for a retailer’s email address, then you shouldn’t trust it.

What should you do?

You should go directly to their website not through email, if it really is a sale or promotion you will see it on their official website as well.

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