10 Common Things You Do That Can Actually Get You Sued

Photo by chainarong06 from Shutterstock

You could actually get sued for a picture you posted, let’s say, three years ago. It doesn’t really matter when you did it; if you got caught, you’d face the consequences. This could happen even if the image you posted doesn’t have a watermark or a visible copyright symbol.

Plus, it doesn’t even matter if you weren’t exactly the first individual to share the image. In other words, every single person who posts a video or a picture he/she doesn’t personally own is actually exposed to getting sued. Once you’re aware of these legal facts, that funny picture of a cat doesn’t seem so funny after all…

If you don’t have the owner of the picture permission, you can not use that image. For your own protection, it’s best to only post your own videos and images. You can also purchase an image from a stock photo site such as Shutterstock or Envato Elements.

It’s time to check your Facebook account and delete anything that’s not your property.

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