Do You Know Which States Have the Highest Beer Taxes?

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Whether you’re cracking open a cold one during a hot summer day or enjoying some liquor by the fireplace around the holidays, there’s no question that alcohol can be highly enjoyable. What might ruin your mood for a glass, however, are all the extra pennies and dollars you need to pay up…

Though federal beer taxes are lower for smaller breweries, consumers have to pay up to around $0.58 per gallon. That’s in addition to state taxes for beer. These taxes affect the final cost of your favorite alcoholic beverage since they’re typically paid by brewers and distributors before the drinks hit the shelves.

How much do they impact the final costs? As much as 40% of the retail price comes from taxes, so the next time you’re out shopping for alcohol, keep this in mind!

Today, we’ve prepared a list of the nation’s top 6 states with the highest beer taxes. Do you think you live in one of them? Can you guess which one made it to the very top?

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