Gather These 7 Documents Before You Apply for Social Security!

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As we all know, Social Security represents the primary source of income for most seniors out there. So far, so good. But, applying for your Social Security benefits can feel like a never ending process. In fact, it can be even worse when you’re not good with paperwork.

When you’re close to retire, you will have to provide certain pieces of information that are requested by the Social Security Administration. So, before filling out a Social Security application make sure you gather the following documents, because you will need them:

  • Your birth certificate;
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship;
  • Your Social Security card;
  • Your identification card;
  • A copy of a W-2 tax form or self-employment tax return from last year;
  • The records of your spouse;
  • And, if you served before 1968, you’ll need a copy of military service papers.

Each document is extremely important when applying for your Social Security benefits. To sum things up, if you’re ready to retire in terms of age (full retirement age is 66), but you’re a mess when it comes to paperwork, read on.

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