11 Laws That You’re Probably Breaking Without Even Knowing!

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Are you an upstanding citizen? There’s really no reason for you to believe that you’re breaking the law, right? Especially since the law is pretty cut and dry- don’t steal and don’t hurt others. Plenty of things fall under this umbrella, and we won’t list everything, but we know you get the point.

However, there are some laws in certain states that range from surprising to outright baffling- and you might not be aware of them at all, meaning you could have potentially broken the law several times over.

Obviously, if you want to avoid steep fines or jail time, avoid doing any of these things. And if you’re accidentally violated any of these laws? Well, fingers crossed that nobody saw you!

1. Gambling

If you want to earn some extra cash (or lose, depending on your luck) then going to a casino might be your best bet. Why? Because some states explicitly prohibit gambling games, even at home.

Playing poker at home with friends or family is allowed in some states. Others don’t have stated policies, meaning they are illegal by default. In some areas, social games are allowed, meaning that you can bend the rules in several ways.

For example, if you keep your stakes low and ensure that all your guests are there for social reasons, you might get away with it. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t affect your neighbors, and advertising is generally ill-advised. Also, the number of players will also play a role in you getting in trouble with the law or not.

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