12 Consumer Rights Everyone Should Know

When you buy goods or services as a consumer, you have several rights that protect you in the event that there is something wrong. That’s why is essential to understand your rights as a consumer and protect yourself from being fooled.

If a good or service don’t meet certain standards such as quality, description or purpose, you are entitled to make a complaint to the retailer or seller who sold you the good or the service.

Expired points, travel gone wrong, and door-to-door sales pressure are just some of the services we’ve mentioned in this article. So, if you were unhappy at least once in your life about a product or service, you should read on.

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1. No more expired reward program points, or almost

The Air Miles reward program provoked many complaints in 2016, due to its points expiration policy that required consumers to use or lose their points. And, therefore, Air Miles changed its decision when subscribers complained. Such problems may now be a thing of the past.

From now on, merchants offering loyalty programs may cancel their clients’ points only when no points have been accumulated or used for at least one year.

However, certain programs are not subject to the law. For example, programs that award goods and services valued at $50 ($38.45 USD) or less per item, or a predetermined single item or service (or a single combination of goods and services), are exempt.

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